4823 Clemson Street
San Antonio, Texas 78249 United States


MIRACLES IN WOOD is an artistic and creative company which designs and manufactures one-of-a kind custom wood crafted pieces. MIW has been in business since 1965. MIW offers rare historical and biblical characters created to scale in their true exactness, MIW can create any customer requested artwork and installations. Life size, three-quarter size and smaller statues can be designed as well. MIW offers a variety of uniquely wood crafted animals, planes, trains, and antique automobiles.

MIW uses the old school technique meaning chisel and grinder are used for producing each individual piece. No computerization is used. The joined wood-block technique provides long lasting capabilities, durability and a better product is produced from this construction.

Michael J. Pasko, creative designer and artist, takes the upmost time in designing the uniqueness of each piece.